Your Breakfast In Bed Menu & Guide

by JJ Virgin on February 24, 2017

Any of the recipes in this menu would make for a super-special Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or birthday. But breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions!

Every morning is reason enough to make one or two of these healthy, tasty options and then cozy up in bed with your favorite book or the TV remote. Surprise someone special with breakfast in bed this week and enjoy the smiles! (P.S. – That someone special could always be YOU…)

Breakfast In Bed Menu

Breakfast In Bed Tips & Ideas

  • Add a personal touch. You’ve got the right recipes for a thoughtful breakfast! Now think about what else you can add to make it a memorable morning. A card? Flowers? Maybe special dishes or a stack of magazines – whatever will show you’re thinking of them and want them to take their time and enjoy their meal.
  • Think trays and pillows. Be sure you provide plenty of pillows so your diner is propped upright comfortably. It’s also best to serve breakfast on a tray so there’s less chance of spilling. (No trays handy? You can spread out a blanket or towel on their lap for an extra layer of protection.) If you’re bringing along a protein shake or hot coffee, opt for a tumbler with a lid to keep things safe and drip-free.
  • Stay ready for clean-up duty. Nothing ruins that feeling of being spoiled like having to clean up afterwards! Get rid of any dirty dishes as soon as they’re finished, and leave your special someone space to relax. The same goes for cleaning up the kitchen – try to be sure there’s no leftovers to put away or pots and pans to scrub when they get out of bed.

You’re all set for a relaxing, filling breakfast in bed that will pave the way for a beautiful, energized day!

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