Recipe: Double Berry Wine Spritzers

by JJ Virgin on June 27, 2017

I love a glass of dark red wine with dinner, and this cocktail mixes it with the best ingredients of summer for a refreshing wine spritzer.

The berries infuse your drink with flavor without increasing the sugar impact, while xylitol, monk fruit, erythritol, or pure stevia lend sweetness without affecting blood glucose levels. The result is a refreshing cocktail that won’t wreak havoc with your health.

Before You Drink, Remember…

Before you enjoy this or any cocktail, please remember the helpful tips below:

Eat first. Alcohol can increase your appetite and stop fat-burning. Before you start drinking, eat a nourishing meal with clean, lean protein, healthy fats, and plenty of fiber from veggies or quinoa. For help building a balanced plate, check out this handy infographic!

Stay hydrated. Be sure you’re getting enough water every day, and drink an extra glass of filtered water for every alcoholic drink you have. (Not sure how much H2O you need for your weight? Try the widget in this blog.)

Quality counts. During the fermentation process, enzymes gobble up sugars to create alcohol. However, some cheaper, sweeter wines have leftover sugars – bad news for your blood glucose levels and your waistline. I get my wine from Dry Farms Wines, with a selection of high-quality, organic wines that are mycotoxin- and sugar-free.**

Boost your B12. Vitamin B12 is crucial to many of your body’s important functions, and several classic hangover symptoms are because alcohol burns through your vitamin B12 reserves. (Find out more in this blog.) That means it’s super important to boost your B12 stores with a supplement like B-Supreme before you drink and replenish them afterwards.*

Don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid. While a glass of wine might make you drowsy, the insulin roller coaster it causes can actually keep you from sleeping well and cause dangerous health issues down the line. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try an all-natural sleep aid like Sleep Candy™, with a blend of botanicals and vitamins that help restore your natural sleep cycle without side effects.*

Remember to detox. Eat, stay hydrated, and drink alcohol in moderation. Then the next morning – and every morning! – start your day with a healthy detoxifying Green Cleansing Smoothie. It’s got all the nutrients your body needs for a fresh start.

Double Berry Wine Spritzers


June 27, 2017

This light, refreshing drink is summer in a glass! With fresh berries, lemon juice, and sparkling water, you can practically taste the sunshine. (Trade the wine for more sparkling water for a Virgin Spritzer.)

Virgin Diet compliant: Cycles 1, 2, and 3
Sugar Impact Diet compliant: Cycles 1 and 3

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Yields: 1 Serving


1/4 cup organic strawberries

1/4 cup organic raspberries

Xylitol, monk fruit, erythritol, or pure stevia (sweeten to taste)

8 oz. red wine (I love Pinot Noir from Dry Farm Wines!)

8 oz. chilled sparkling water

2 fresh lemon wedges


1Divide the berries evenly between two large glasses and add your sweetener of choice. (Remember, no berries if you’re in Cycle 2 of the Sugar Impact Diet.)

2With the back of a spoon, lightly mash until blended.

3Add half the wine to each glass and stir. Pour in the sparkling water.

4Squeeze one lemon wedge into each glass, add ice cubes, and garnish with a few berries or lemon slices.

5For a Virgin Spritzer, just replace the wine with more sparkling water.

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