Top Reasons for Sugar Cravings & How to Stop Them for Good with JJ Virgin – #272

The Science Behind Cravings

In today's podcast episode, JJ deep dives into one of the topics she gets asked about often: how to crush sugar cravings! Listen as JJ explains why it's key to discover the reason for your cravings so you can ditch them once and for all. JJ also shares the most common causes of sugar cravings, including how your gut microbiome, genetics, blood sugar issues, and stress and anxiety levels can all play a role. Plus, JJ reveals her top tips and swaps for curbing cravings so your appetite never controls your life!

Freebies From Today’s Episode

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Main Points From Today’s Episode

1. Exposure equals preference. The more sweet you eat, the more you want!

2. If you have insulin resistance or other blood sugar issues, you’re not able to access stored sugar in your body. That can lead to increased hunger and cravings.

3. JJ’s Lemon-Aid recipe is an amazing ally for crushing cravings. The sour taste of lemon can quiet your appetite, while the fiber can help you feel full and satisfied between meals.

Episode Play-By-Play

[1:17] JJ’s Breakthrough Carb Intolerance Online Program is in the works!

[2:15] Listener shout-out

[4:03] Deconstructing sugar cravings

[4:55] How genetics play a role in cravings

[7:27] The more sweet you eat, the more you want.

[7:53] How an unhealthy gut microbiome can lead to cravings

[9:25] JJ’s cravings story

[12:30] Anxiety and stress can trigger cravings.

[13:50] One of the classic signs of food intolerance is to crave the very food that’s hurting you.

[14:03] All carbohydrates except for fiber turn to sugar.

[15:01] If you have issues with insulin resistance, you’re not able to access stored sugar in your body.

[16:57] Each meal should include clean, lean protein, healthy fats, and fiber.

[17:23] JJ’s Lemon-Aid recipe is an amazing ally for crushing cravings.

[18:30] The goal is to transition to being a fat burner.

[19:43] If you’re struggling with gas and bloating, food intolerances, or any other digestive unrest, try Leaky Gut Support!

[20:15] Listener’s question: I just use a little Splenda in my coffee every morning. Is that okay?

[22:19] Artificial sweeteners can create caloric dysregulation.

[22:52] Studies show that artificial sweeteners can affect your gut microbiome.

[23:40] Healthy sweetener options

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