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With over 13 million downloads, Ask the Health Expert is THE go-to podcast to stop dieting as a hobby, lose weight, and prevent weight regain.

Ask the Health Expert

Concise, helpful, fun
by Wellness Nell
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JJ has a fun attitude and the podcast is relatively short and concise, but always packed with amazing info!!! And she includes a free gift from each of her guests. Highly recommend!!
Love this Pod!
by GretaGangsta
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This is the best podcast ever! Love you, JJ, and love all the guests! I am a nutritionist, but still learn a lot!
Thank You, JJ
by AshleyTitus
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JJ hosts an incredible podcast. Her episodes are the perfect length, just right for a commute to work. I have learned so much in the car since subscribing and tuning into her show. I highly recommend ALL of her episodes. Thank you, JJ, for sharing your love of health and nutrition with us.
Always inspiring and educational
by Running Mom of 2 Boys
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I stumbled upon JJ on one of the very first podcasts I listened to, on which she was a guest. I immediately fell in love with her story, her personality, and her lifestyle. She is the only podcast I subscribe to, and I listen to her while running, as I always find her motivational, inspiring, and just wonderful to listen to.
Amazing podcast
by maali7866
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Hey JJ! This is an amazing podcast and so informative. I listen to different episodes and can’t help but realize how closely it all pertains to me, literally every single episode. All I have to say is to please keep the positively motivating, super informative and helpful podcasts coming!

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With new episodes dropping frequently, you can count on Ask the Health Expert to separate fact from fiction and give you health advice you can trust to improve your life.

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