By JJ Virgin

Salmon Stuffed Avocados


November 1, 2022

Makes 4 servings


1 tbsp of sesame oil

12 oz. wild salmon

1 tsp sea salt

1 tsp garlic powder

2 avocados

2 tsp coconut aminos

1 tbsp chives

1 small cucumber, tiny diced

1/4 cup coconut cream

1 tsp sesame seeds

2 seaweed sheets (torn into pieces)


1Add sesame oil to a sauté pan on medium heat.

2Season the salmon with salt and garlic powder. Add to the pan skin-side down. Cook for 5 to 10 minutes on each side. Take salmon out of the pan and rest it on a plate.

3Cut avocados in half and take the pits out. Pour ½ teaspoon coconut aminos into each avocado. Set aside.

4After resting salmon for 10 minutes, remove skin and crumble salmon into a bowl. Add chives, cucumber, and coconut cream. Mix.

5Spoon salmon mixture into each of the 4 avocado halves.

6Top with sesame seeds and seaweed. Enjoy!


Nutrition Facts

Total Fat22g
Total Carbohydrates10g
Dietary Fiber5g