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Breaking the cycle of habitual hunger involves replacing routines with non-food activities while avoiding the allure of hedonic hunger caused by ultra-processed foods. Retraining your taste buds to appreciate natural sweetness and steering clear of ultra-processed temptations are essential steps in overcoming constant cravings and sugar addiction. By stabilizing blood-sugar levels, you can effectively halt any unintentional setbacks on your path to optimal health.

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In this episode, I am joined by my friend, Shawn Stevenson, author of the USA Today national bestseller, Eat Smarter, and the international bestselling book, Sleep Smarter. He is also the creator of The Model Health Show, which has been ranked as the #1 health podcast in the US. His health expertise has been recognized by major media outlets such as Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, and ABC News, among others.

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Are you ready to tackle the world of weight loss and metabolic adaptation? Join me on this empowering journey as we dive into these obstacles and equip you with the essential strategies to avoid diet failure. First, going all in and committing fully to a healthy lifestyle is crucial for long-term success. Today, I'll share some practical methods that will help you make conscious food choices, establish a regular exercise routine, and cultivate a positive mindset.

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I chat with Dr. Alan about how he scoured the latest research to find ways that plants can promote hormone balance naturally, helping with symptoms ranging from insomnia to hot flashes to weight gain. As a lazy chef myself, I’m thrilled to report that he uncovered the ways humble, easy-to-use ingredients like oats, onions, figs, and beets can improve your health. (I’ll admit there’s one recipe that wouldn’t be my personal fave, but tune in to see if it’s your new go-to!) 

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How often do you start your morning pounding the snooze button or scrolling your phone under the covers? I’m going to be real with you: You’re sabotaging your entire day when you start your morning that way. This week, I’m breaking down the science behind why starting your morning off on the right foot doesn’t just give you a natural energy boost. It also dictates your mood, performance, and energy levels from morning to night. And not only that—you sleep better when you start your day off right, too!

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If you’ve struggled with menopausal weight gain, tried all the diet plans and exercise routines, and become frustrated with the lack of support around women’s health, then listen up! We’re unpacking what’s really going on in menopause, the types of fat we carry and how they affect our health, the foods that can reduce belly fat, the pros and cons of hormone-replacement therapy, and more!

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JJ has a fun attitude and the podcast is relatively short and concise, but always packed with amazing info!!! And she includes a free gift from each of her guests. Highly recommend!!

Wellness Nell


This is the best podcast ever! Love you, JJ, and love all the guests! I am a nutritionist, but still learn a lot!



JJ hosts an incredible podcast. Her episodes are the perfect length, just right for a commute to work. I have learned so much in the car since subscribing and tuning into her show. I highly recommend ALL of her episodes. Thank you, JJ, for sharing your love of health and nutrition with us.



I stumbled upon JJ on one of the very first podcasts I listened to, on which she was a guest. I immediately fell in love with her story, her personality, and her lifestyle. She is the only podcast I subscribe to, and I listen to her while running, as I always find her motivational, inspiring, and just wonderful to listen to.

Running Mom Of 2 Boys


Hey JJ! This is an amazing podcast and so informative. I listen to different episodes and can’t help but realize how closely it all pertains to me, literally every single episode. All I have to say is to please keep the positively motivating, super informative and helpful podcasts coming!




With new episodes dropping frequently, you can count on Well Beyond 40 to separate fact from fiction and give you health advice you can trust to improve your life.