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3-Ingredient Protein Fro-Yo Bites

These irresistible bites of fruity frozen yogurt are so quick and easy to make! Five minutes in the kitchen, and you’ve got healthy, dairy-free fro-yo perfection.

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Perfect Paleo Smoothie

Enjoy perfect, tasty nutrition in a glass with this Paleo-approved smoothie recipe. All the delicious, wholesome Paleo nutrition you need to feel strong and healthy!


Matcha Blueberry Smoothie


This yummy matcha smoothie has layers of green tea and blueberry, plus plenty of detoxifying greens, fiber, vegan protein, and healthy fats from avocado.


Chocolate Berry Chia Pudding

With plenty of protein and superfood chia seeds and berries, this healthy chocolate pudding recipe doubles as a filling breakfast or a naturally sweet treat.


Peach-Berry Green Smoothie Bowl


Peaches, strawberries, and greens come together in this tasty smoothie bowl recipe. It's like summer in a bowl, with the protein and fiber you need to feel great!