Paleo Holiday Recipe Roundup

by JJ Virgin on November 8, 2022

Over the last 100 or so years, we’ve seen a massive shift away from the whole, unprocessed foods that our ancestors ate. Today, processed, sugary, empty-nutrient foods dominate supermarket shelves.

Among their problem ingredients, researchers estimate that almost three out of four of these processed foods contain added sugars.1 As a result, chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease have skyrocketed.2

The paleo diet is a throwback to a far different dietary era. While you’ll find variations of this plan with different guidelines, its overall focus is on whole, unprocessed foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate.

“The more food you eat that could have been grown, hunted, fished, caught, plucked, or gathered, the better off you’ll be,” says Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., in Living Low Carb. “And that’s the paleo diet in a nutshell.”

According to Alan Christianson, NMD, in The Adrenal Reset Diet, the popularity of the paleo diet has positively impacted our eating habits.  

“From it, people have become more conscious of the value of fresh organic vegetables, the need for high-quality lean protein, and the importance of avoiding synthetic and processed foods,” he says.  

Christianson adds that the paleo diet has also made us more aware of things like unhealthy carbs and food intolerances such as dairy and soy. While I’m not a dogmatic follower, I agree with Christianson about that positive impact, including the paleo diet’s focus on nutrient-dense, protein-packed foods.  

I’ve incorporated those paleo principles into my Reignite Wellness products. My Paleo-Inspired All-In-One Shakes mimic the nutrient profile found in whole, unprocessed foods.*

Read more about my top 10 paleo foods here. 

With those principles in mind, I’ve created a paleo recipe roundup that’s perfect for the upcoming holidays. You’ll find super-satisfying breakfast, appetizer, entrée, and dessert recipes that satisfy your most finicky eater or carb-loving in-law.  

Whether or not you adhere to paleo principles, follow these recipes and you’ll create a smart, delicious, and health-focused meal plan that dramatically upgrades your holiday favorites.  

Break Your Morning Fast With These Paleo-Approved Recipes 

Unlike modern-day diets, our paleo ancestors didn’t graze all day. They ate when food was available, meaning that they had periods of intermittent fasting.  

Intermittent fasting mimics those paleo principles. You don’t need to go overboard here: have a healthy dinner, close the kitchen for the evening, and then break your fast the following morning with a protein-packed loaded smoothie or meal. You’ll effortlessly create a 12- to 14-hour overnight fast. 

  • My Perfect Paleo Smoothie is a simple, satisfying way to break your morning fast. But during the holidays, you might be feeling more festive.  
  • These Pumpkin Spice Paleo Pancakes are a light, fluffy way to start your day. Unlike traditional pancakes, they’re gluten- and dairy-free, with the amazing taste of pumpkin spice.  
  • For non-pumpkin lovers, these Vanilla Almond Paleo Protein Pancakes equally hit the sweet spot without added sugar and food intolerances.  
  • Want something a bit heartier on a cold winter morning? This Bacon and Mushroom Sweet Potato Hash recipe combines the triple-satisfying combo of sweet potatoes, mushrooms, and nitrate-free bacon to satisfy the hungriest guest.  

Let’s Get This Party Started 

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or want to bring a healthy dish to a family gathering, you don’t need to lay out a massive array of sugary, empty-nutrient appetizers.  

Navigating temptations around the holidays can be challenging! The good news is that with the right approach, you can indulge and imbibe… without guilt or regret. My Holiday Help Cheat Sheet gives you smart, simple strategies to have fun, partake intelligently, and make the most out of this meaningful season. Grab it for FREE here.

Dinner Is Served! Try These Protein-Packed Main Dishes 

For most gatherings, meat becomes the centerpiece. (Vegetarians and vegans, we’ve also got you covered here!) This is your chance to wow guests with something traditional… or not-so-traditional. 

Add These Perfect Paleo Sides 

Much as we all love turkey or meaty mains, the sides are what really make or break your meal. That’s why I’ve created a few soup, salad, and side dish recipes that help your entrée shine. 

  • Do you think salads make a boring way to start your meal? Then you haven’t tried this Chai Waldorf Salad. I’ve combined coconut milk, apples, and my Chai Plant-Based All-In-One Shake for a unique, bold flavor reminiscent of the fabled salad that New York’s Waldorf-Astoria Hotel served.  
  • If you’re feeling a warmer starter, this Roasted Cauliflower Detox Soup helps you meet your veggie quota, spoonful after delicious spoonful.  
  • Can a side dish outshine the main course? If it’s this Paleo Steamed Broccoli with Garlic Oil Drizzle, it sure can! The healthy fats in the olive oil will help you better absorb the nutrients in this cruciferous vegetable.  
  • For many people, holiday meals aren’t complete without stuffing. But the gluten and empty carbs in traditional varieties can derail your healthy meal. No need to deprive yourself with this Gluten-Free Bone Broth Stuffing, which uses gluten-free bread along with bone broth or veggie stock. Portobello mushrooms add a chewy, delicious texture. Be prepared for guests to ask for this recipe! 

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth Smartly 

What’s a holiday feast without dessert? If you think eating healthy means deprivation, we’ve got quite a few decadent recipes to change your mind.  

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